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  6. Synchrono[CITY]: Understanding your URU.

    Synchrono[CITY] volume I established a need for a modern town twinning system whilst volume II identifies ways of mapping decay and its capitalisation. These projects tie together to form a new twinning system that relies on the exchange of knowledge and/or kit of parts; designed to intervene within the urban void and areas of decay.

    Synchrono[CITY]: Understanding your URU continues from work conducted in Synchrono[CITY] volumes I and II. It provides a finalised kit of parts, catalogues their variations and indicates how they can be used to construct the Research for Urban Response Units Centre. 

    The project of Synchrono[CITY] aims to capitalise on decayed and disused sites in Stockport with sustainable and adaptable Urban Response Units. These building interventions aim to balance the fragile city equilibrium, to serve as social and economic functions for the city and the region beyond. 

    The Research for Urban Response Units (RURU) looks into the requirements of the city and produces plans for subsequent interventions to be manufactured and distributed by the Factory for Urban Response Units (FURU).

    The research behind this project has been a combined effort with fellow student Emily King. We have collaborated to produce a master-plan from which we have separated to create two individual buildings (FURU & RURU). We have designed these two buildings to provide different building solutions constructed with the same kit of parts, as a means to test their flexibility and adaptability.

    The kit of parts represents our efforts up to this point in time, and represents what would be a continual process of development and refinement. 

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